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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
That's exactly what I was trying to say though definitely in a more eloquent way

I don't understand how these guys can bash when I'll follow this team through thick or thin, win or lose, for the rest of my life. Just because my positivity is more centered around a high pick, it doesn't mean I want this team to lose. If this team wins every game until the end of the season and then the cup obviously I'll be happy and support them, but if this team does poorly and loses every game until the end of the season and then picks Grigorenko or somebody who could rebuild this team almost over night... then yeah, I'll also be happy, where's the shame in that. It isn't like we haven't had a bad season thus far in the first 50%. I'm by no means saying things can't change or that we can't make it, just saying there's a lot of positivity in both angles. Maybe even more if we lose. At the end of the day I'm all for whatever makes us the better team over the next 5 seasons. If tanking can do that then so be it. And to the people thinking I'm saying the team should lose on purpose when I say tank, that's silly. No team will actually genuinely lose on purpose. This is some made up strategy people on an internet forum discuss. When I say tanking I just mean due to injuries and an overall bad season we may keep losing, not recover and end up with a high pick.

Don't see why there's shame in saying that. It's completely positive to want a young star center. I guess I'm saying I'll be happy either way but just not in the middle Go big or go home
The other factor to remember is that in this town the opportunity/nightmare of finishing in the bottom 5 is a rare occurrence. We have a group of good young players, and some overpaid older ones. If we do end up failing badly this year there is every reason to think that we could be ready to compete again quite quickly. The type of player we might trade away this year- Moen, AKost, Gill, will bring much more return at the trade deadline than any other time of year. Moving forward the team has deep pockets and can both bury bad contracts if necessary and spend to the cap to acquire new talent. Philly and the Rangers both find ways to open cap room without much trouble.

Long story short it's been an awful season so far for the fans. If we could turn that suffering into a genuine top prospec, the rare kind of talent that so rarely goes UFA and still be competing legitimately again as soon as next season, why wouldn't a fan want that. What is negative about an outcome like that?

I've spent a lot of time in Toronto. A great second half surge that will not get into the playoffs is not, in the end, a satisfying experience for the fans.

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