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01-17-2012, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by The Fall of Troy View Post
But what if playoff hockey isn't what's best for the team? Maybe going one or two years without the playoffs will give us the opportunity to change the philosophy that hasn't worked outside of a couple of anomalous circumstances, and clean the organization of the cancers that are weighing it down. I don't want my team to have "sugar spike" playoff runs and then be ****** for the next few years, I want my team to be like the Bruins or Wings: built to succeed for a long time. And this is a positive post, but it's about working for the future. Being content with the present can be destructive to the future.

P.S. I'm not claiming that we should consciously tank per se, but that losing isn't always such a bad thing. We're not like the Sabres in the sense that we came in with the highest of expectations, we're just a team that is going through one of its inevitable losing phases.
If we're good enough to make the playoffs this year (considering the massive gap between us and spot #8), honestly, I like our odds. I mean, we obviously won't make the playoffs if the team plays the way it has played so far. Making the playoff implies we'll have had a 30ish game hot streak, and if this streak is still going comes the end of the season, anything can happen.

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