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01-17-2012, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
No actually a completely different person went and made a new thread. And I understand your point about believing whether it's realistic or not. Don't think a part of me doesn't hope we start clicking and make it into 8th either

But I just didn't see why we couldn't have a civilized discussion in this thread is all. Nobody had poor intentions some were just stating the same thing I did. It doesn't mean we don't believe, some just see it as the bigger picture. Part of the reason I say now better than ever is the status of the draft. It's deep and we do have UFA's who will basically walk for nothing. If we trade them it becomes even more unrealistic to believe, if we don't they may walk for nothing. In a deep draft a 2nd can be pretty damn good. More like a late 1st in a regular draft.

Please understand this isn't coping, the upside to these picks is huge. We're talking about transforming our team into a dominant force in the east here. I'd rather miss the playoffs this year and lose many games but then be a dominant force for the next 5-7 then even make it in 8th this year and the next 5-7 and be far less talented. I don't think people realize just how deep this draft is, this isn't coping it really is positivity to the max.
I hear ya neofury

I feel the same way. There's a tonne of positives to take from this year EITHER WAY.
I am not going nuts with the bad season to date (habs losing like this typically has put me in the funk)...

But it's actually just as you said. This season is more the aberration, and next year we should be back to business. The positive of such a poor finish, is the prospect depth we would add...

That being said, I know we are better than we play, and I would love to see a strong push for a playoff run. I think just as I have always... We are still a darkhorse team. We could surprise many teams in the playoffs.

Gauthier IMO has done the right moves this year... We just havent had any luck with the injury bug.

I definately think though if we dont do it... and we crap out with a bottom 5 pick... We can turn the situation from Chicken **** to Chicken salad, and realize we are probably adding some mighty strong prospects, and there's nothing wrong with a little home grown talent.

Either way... The 11-12 season has been a revelation this year. I also think there has been some horrible negativity on the boards (your post isnt one), and it really blows my mind how people perceive the scenario here.

A top 5 pick, probably can possibly start playing as soon as next year. A stud forward would be an awesome addition to this team It's been MUCH too long since we had anything like that here.
I love homegrown talent succeeding. A forward prospect that could be a bluechipper for many moons to come.

I also am in the belief that we arent going to get this opportunity again for a long time We are too good to have this happen again.

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