Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-17-2012, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
And you're right, his "package" is exactly why he passed through waivers and nobody claimed him. The difference is he's never had any issues with this hockey club in this locker room. His teammates had nothing bad to say about him outside of Steve Valiquette. The fact that he wasn't an issue with THIS hockey club, and he is a member of our organization, why wouldn't you want him as a bottom six forward? Since now you're seemingly admitting that he has the skills to be one for a number of teams in this league.

He's done nothing with this team over the past few years to warrant being banished out of the league. He's had zero issues and is a better hockey player than others who are on the roster.

The head coach wants nothing to do with him and never did from the moment he took the job.

That's my problem with it.
Disagree. And the results prove it. Look, I get you don't like Tortorella and I understand why, but you can't make a logical argument that a coach isn't entitled to play who he wants and not play who he doesn't and I don't care who the coach is. It's part of the job. If Tom Renney, Mike Babcock, Sutter, Tippet, or whoever doesn't want to play ____ player because he doesn't "fit" with his concept of play then he shouldn't have to. I'm sure Tortorella wasn't excited by Glen bringing Avery back into the fold and probably was against it to begin with. You can't make a coach like a guy because YOU like that guy or the fans like that guy. He doesn't fit here. Plain and simple.

Yeah, I don't see why the Isles didn't take Avery. Or Florida. Hell, how about Columbus so they have something to talk about over there? Obviously, there's more under the surface here then any of us know about.

As far as this team goes - Rupp is a better fit for the team - in the locker room and on the ice. I'll give you that Mitchell and Avery are probably a wash - but he's the only guy on the current top 12 that I could even see Avery replacing and Mitchell plays Tortorella's game better than Avery does. I hope Avery gets moved and keeps playing. I like the guy. Just not on this team anymore.

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