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01-17-2012, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Iwishihadacup View Post
Murray was not deemed competent 2 years ago and now his team will surely do damage in playoffs, it's all about perception

We are back in 8th 7th position and all that madness will quickly evaporate from the majority of the fanbase, it's as easy as that, the best antidote a GM can have against the whining fans is winning.

There is no way in hell a GM should be fired after 1 year and a half full season, when only a 1/3 of his time here did not see the team compete, there are just too many different factors that can explain the bad performances other than the GM's job to warrant such a short mandate
We go back into 7th or 8th and I agree... the media madness will go away. That doesn't mean it's what we should be happy with.

Believe it or not I think the team underacheived this year too. I didn't think we'd be sitting in 12th. I thought we'd be on the bubble instead.

Sure we could 'go for it' and try to make 8th and I guess that's what PG's going to do but... why? And why tie us to Kaberle and Bourque when it looks like we're out of it? Those are desperation moves that aren't designed for the long term. Meanwhile we've got the gongshow with the coaches and the club is in a freefall.

Molson is a new owner. He didn't pick PG. The club is struggling and the GM continues to make short term moves that could hurt us down the road. That's reason enough to replace him.

The only question I have is... where's Molson's head at? Is he Harold Ballard or does he want to win a cup? Because if he's Harold Ballard then it won't matter at all who's the GM of the team.

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