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Originally Posted by Padrino86 View Post
It's the Ultras section, they're certainly very receptive to new fans especially when they get involved in the tifos(or "choregraphy" if you'd rather) ie: Stand up and chant all game long. Best ambiance in the stadium by far will be in 132, the section live and die with the team.

And contrary to the european Ultras, you don't see racist or violent stupid **** happening, they're "within the rules" while doing it. Pretty sure we have a few ultras posting here, and while I more or less consider myself an ultra, I have my season ticket in 132 as well. Never had trouble with anybody out of 10+ games in the section.
UM02 are apolitical but tolerate no racism at all. The group has a nice mix of English and French Quebecois, Italians, Portuguese, Moroccans, Swiss, Belgian, Chileans etc etc. All get along just fine. In fact, I would say that's what makes it such a nice group. It truly reflects Montreal's cosmopolitan nature

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