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01-18-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by geeman View Post
Bro the Pens built a team with a core including Crosby ,Malkin , etc....
when you get to that stage you pick up the Kunitz`s of the world to fill in the gaps

you are way of base in your assesment here . Cole was never going to single handedly carry us or compensate for the underachievers bu the bottom line is this

this team is not able to compete with the best in the East

Markov is finished , our D is weak , Gomez, Cammy , Pleks are are what they are

overated and overpaid and if you expected this team to overachieve thats foolish

Sorry bro if you expected Cole , DD and others to seriously make this team better
it wasnt going to happen .

we cant pin our hopes on a fluke playoff run 2 years ago or Cammie`s heroics lats year in round 1 ..We have serious flaws and they were never fixed .

we have no front line talent ..and you can`t compete without it

So adding a Cole to this team , not Pittsburgh , Detroit , Chicago etc ... wont help
and its showing .
WTF does Markov, weak D, Cammy, Gomez and Plek has to do with Cole's evaluation?

So you remove Cole and DD and you gonna tell me this team would have performed at the same level???

What the hell does that "fluke" playoff run have to do with the evaluation of Cole's signing??? You are just lumping everything randomly together in the evaluation of Cole. Just crazy.

Adding Cole won't help? Just because they don't make the playoffs this year doesn't mean Cole has been useless. Remove Cole and this team would have sucked even more.

Answer my question: Adding Crosby in 05-06 didn't propel the Pens to the playoff that year. Does that mean Crosby wasn't a good signing? By your logic, the answer would be: "No, it wasn't a good signing."

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