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Originally Posted by Moo View Post
Time for me to rant big time here, after the latest GDT spun in this direction and I figured it would be best to go into the right topic.

We already know how bad Jeff Rimer and Bill Davidge are. This new side-ice reporter/pregame host we have, Natalie Taylor, is not good at all in my opinion. Every time I see her, she is fumbling about or using awkward transitions into what she wants to talk about. Reminds me of when a news cast runs quicker than expected and the anchors try to fill time with idle chit chat that is so painfully forced. She really brings nothing to the table. What she does, any of us can do. Stand there, ask a question someone feeds into the ear piece, wait for response, send it back upstairs.

Combine that with the CBJ's control over who our PxP announcers are, and it makes things worse. Which brings me back to the idea somebody liked Lori Schmidt and what she does with WBNS. If she had done what she did to Arniel on New Year's Eve with FSOhio, she'd be out of a job as quick as Jim Day was when he became very critical of the franchise. I'd love to see Lori Schmidt get a chance, but she'd be so muted it wouldn't be worth it. Actually, I'm surprised she didn't get fired as it is because of the Dispatch-CBJ connection. (We saw what WBNS pretty much did to Bruce Hooley when he told it like it was for OSU and the whole Tressel situation. Not saying I'm a Hooley fan on everything, but he got shafted.)

Continuing on, with NHLCI, I get to see many commentary crews, side-ice reporters, presentations, etc., and ours is a complete joke. Some of the ones I think are better overall as a whole:

All of the CSNs (Sharks, Blackhawks, Capitals, Flyers)
Sun Sports (Lightning)
FS Florida (Panthers)
FS West (Kings)
Prime Ticket (Ducks)
NESN (Bruins)
Root Sports Pittsburgh (Penguins)
FS Tennessee (Predators)
FS Southwest (Stars)
FS Arizona (Coyotes)

We get graphics wrong all the time, we have announcers that butcher things left and right, all we get is fluff from the side-ice reporter, heck we can't even ensure a lot of Ohioans interested in watching can get the games (re: NE Ohio)... it's an embarrassment. I am convinced nobody in the FSN company cares about FSOhio. Everything that we see as a "new innovation" or new presentation style has been on other FSNs for at least a year. Not just on one or two FSNs for a test market/soft launch of something, but on several of them for some time. Like when FoXmo was launched and Bill Davidge said it was the best thing since sliced bread, yet I had seen it on many FSNs for some time before FSOhio got it. Why did it take so long for us to get something everyone else had?

And what about the intermissions? Everyone else has detailed analysis of the games, scores and highlights from elsewhere, talking about issues that matter, etc. What do we have? Player interview, fluff piece prepackaged story, Bill Davidge on the telestrator -- and none of that is ever, ever negative; sunshine always has to be blown up our rears. We MIGHT vary it up if we get Jeff Rimer to do an interview and name drop with whoever he is with. What is being done now needs scrapped and we need people to get in there and tell it like it is and quit insulting our intelligence! If I wanted to see a young, sick girl meet an official before the game, or how the CBJ players spent their holidays volunteering, I can see that in a magazine show (ex: Sun Sports has "Inside the Lightning") or I can see that in pregame. I want REAL hockey-related stuff in the intermissions.

I have a lot of fundamental issues with this team and the firing of Arniel doesn't do enough to resolve them. They need to clean house, and FSOhio-related stuff has to be part of it. Heck, I can't believe the CBJ re-upped with FSOhio. I don't know what options they truly had, but something out there had to be better.

I'm done ranting. I know I said a lot but we deserve so much better than the crap we're force-fed every single broadcast.
Oh Moo, cut Natalie Taylor some slack. For example, would you rather hear and watch her or Jeff Rimer? Pick.

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