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01-18-2012, 12:52 AM
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Not to beat this to death, but more on Marty (from the Puck Daddy himself, Greg Wyshynski):

"There was a time when I couldn't picture a Devils roster without Marty Brodeur; now, with him on it, I see the franchise hopelessly tethered to a history it can't match."
"To play Devils' advocate for a moment (har-dee-har), Brodeur makes $5 million this season. While that's already a hometown discount, it's hard to imagine the Devils paying anything near that (or over it) for a 41-year-old's swan song season. Yes, they'll have oodles of cap space next year even if they resign Zach Parise (a miracle on ice, it's increasingly sounding like); but will Brodeur take a discount on a discount to stay?"

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