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Originally Posted by ELLERCOPTER View Post
It's funny how Habs fans think they're some sort of accommodation to this team... "let's tank to get a high Draft Pick'' News flash, if you think you can stop supporting and cheering your team and come back the next season like nothing happened, you're wrong! you're not a Coach, General Manager, Scout or anything that has to do with managment of the Montreal Canadiens. You're a fan and only a fan, once you go on the tank mode and try to justify your reasoning with the poor excuse '' for the future'' be warned! you'll feel the guilt and realise, you are not a Habs fan anymore, just a bandwagoner, no matter where you live.
How is anyone on this board who encourages writing off the season a bandwagoner? We still actively discuss the team, watch games, go to games and buy merchandize. Don't tell me how to be a fan and I wont tell you how to be a fan. If I were a bandwagoner, I'd go cheer for one of the upper echelon teams or just quit following hockey cold turkey. This is a forum where we can discuss hockey and many of the subtopics that entails. I encourage writing off the season because I feel that this team can't make the playoffs and it may be better served looking at retooling for the future. I have no connection to the management, but I as a fan am entitled to my opinion, as are you. I wont belittle you for perceived acceptance of mediocrity and you can stop calling fans like me "fairweather" and "bandwagoner" because we don't have as much faith in the team as you.

We are all dedicated habs fans (enough to post on forums) and should be united by that fact, not divided. Don't judge me and I wont judge you.

Originally Posted by Mover View Post
I never thought or believed that tank nation aren't real fans. Think what you want, but it's strange when you call yourself a Habs fan but you hope your team loses.

19 years and still counting, what will it takes for you to realize what needs to be done ?

You want to make the playoffs ? I want a freaking Stanley Cup !

> And when you want a freaking Stanley Cup, what you need to do? The ****ing playoffs !
I really see it as a pragmatic viewpoint. The playoff math is quite daunting and many of us feel that tanking helps this team in the long run so they can actually open a window of contention. Feel free to disagree with me, just remember that I am still a true fan and will remain so. I want them to win, I just see in a season like this one, a high draft pick may be the bigger prize than a 8th place finish and a first round exit.

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