Thread: News Article: Why John Tavares is good, not great
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01-18-2012, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by malPHONEY View Post
And it was a damn good strategy. A perennial contender with no money to spend, no problem with that. The only reason why Beane's A's aren't the same anymore is because of efficient markets. Walks and Home Runs are good, everybody caught on.

I agree with you in hockey, a more team oriented sport, but not baseball. Statistics are by far the best way to judge a player, unless we are talking prospect projection.
Yeah this. And the key to remember is that Moneybal isn't the stats used but the concept that their are inneficiencies in the sports industry that can be exploited. By taking advantage of the overvalueing of RBI's, W's, ect. Beane was able to assemble quality teams without paying top dollar.

Most teams in the NHL use advanced stats too, some are way beyond Corsi which has its flaws and is dated. Its the nature of the game, you need too. Journalists can't tell stories with numbers, so they talk up intangibles. Fans eat it up, and you end up with the debate.

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