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01-18-2012, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by PenguinTommy View Post
Tangradi won't be better than any our top6 player.. not even now. I don't get it people, seriously, if anyone thinks Tangradi should play in top6 is crazy. I am not hater, I have nothing against Tangradi but I'm sick of people who thinks give him more minute or try him there or there. I'm not saying he's not trying, but when he's playing on 110%, he's average grinding 3rd liner. If you think otherwise, okay, it's your opinion.

He's not top6 player on this team and never will be..get over it everybody! And, I repeat, I have NOTHING against Tangradi, I just watch him play!
Don't count me among the people who are upset about his minutes. I have said before on numerous occasions that even though I want to see him rewarded for his good play, I don't think he's a top 6 player at this point, and I don't want him put there.

Also to say he never will be a top 6 player is foolish at this point. There are tons of young players that haven't looked like top 6 players early in their careers, that ended up being one later on. It may not end up being here, but he certainly has the talent to get there. Whether he has the motivation to get there is another thing. I'm basing this on watching him playing as well. It's funny how people can have different opinions than you.

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