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01-18-2012, 09:30 AM
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With the Orpik hit, i could accept it being called in light of all the injuries recently. It was still the wrong call, but i could at least understand their quick trigger in making that a penalty. NHL officials have always been above using instant replay to correct their judgements anyways.

Except that 2 months ago, the Letang - Pacioretty hit was not penalized. Letang has been out ever since. That hit was a clear headshot, and a textbook example of the type of thing that needs to be penalized. Its hard to fathom that one set of officials called one a penalty, and the other got nothing.

There is a Grand Canyon like gap in the consistency of the NHL officials. It wouldn't even surprise me if the same crew had officiated both games. The league cannot enforce any sort of policy or rule on the players with the enforcement of the rules being as poor as it is. Some nights its bad, some nights its unbearable, and some nights you would swear those guys have money riding on the game. They really, absolutely, need to break the union and clean house.

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