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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
It may not be fair for me to lump this all on Laich because really, it's always on George. But Laich at 2C pretty much always failed in his attempts of the past. He considers himself a center but for almost his entire tenure here, has been at LW.

I wonder if it was him and his agent beating the drums before being inked, that he would sign here to be used as a center. Or, just our thin depth mandated it and George mistakenly thought he was the answer?

Sure he can be a 3C but there is a reason I guessed (wrong) all offseason he would be at 2C. I guess that because he makes way too much to be a 3C with our current top heavy cap structure. I don't care that he can bring PK skills. Or help out on the PP. I really don't. We need a solid ES 2C.

MJ, he is still a kid. His game now is build around speed, and we need patience to let him develop. Hopefully the silver lining of this is his development gets expedited as 1C. Eakin, another small speed kid - we are all just letting him learn. MP, a small scoring center used on 4 is laughable. He should be tried at 1C before 4C. Beagle can pinch hit at C, but really, I haven't seen him do anything of note this year. Halpern the grizzly old vet, meeting reasonable expectations. Sjogren, gone and bridge burned. Nick out. What's left? Laich, making 6M this year. IIRC despite Chimera's hot hand, has been a minus most of the year.

I probably wouldn't single him out now if he blocked some shots on the PK after failed clears last night. Odd, I haven't heard him say its all the players fault lately
We need a center who is strong with the puck, someone like Nicky. Now, many in the league don't have the vision Nicky does, but I'll take a center who is strong on a puck and can make decent passes. Mojo gets knocked off the puck very easily and Laich's puck handling leaves a lot to be desired. We see so many of our guys fumbling the puck that it is seriously getting frustrating watching this team play.

As far as GMGM goes, I'm not sure Ted will let go of him. Ted is still somewhat raw in this ownership business and I do not trust him to be able to hire a good replacement. I think we're stuck with GMGM for a while. The hope right now is he realizes his mistakes and corrects them.

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