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Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post
Whatever. The guy hasn't give 2 ***** about the team since he took over as owner. Now that the team is first overall in the entire league, NOW he decides to address the media, and say "we're" close to winning a cup? "We're" not close to anything Dolan. Sather deserves more credit than you, and I hate Sather. Just continue to write checks and keep your mouth shut. And shave that ugly beard, it makes you look fatter than you already are. D**che bag.
Agree but I respectively decline to give Savior any credit for changing our "so called strategy" in 2004 because if the lockout never happens and a salary cap isn't instituted, ole Savior would still be spending his lover's money like a drunken sailor. The only thing I'll give Savior credit for is hiring the right people to handle the draft, scout and coach our team. He admittedly has also shown lots of restraint in refusing to gut the team of our prospects and he has done a nice job with trades. I give credit where credit is due but as far as Dolan is concerned, "**** off, you're invading our airspace up here in the blue seats.". LGR!!!!!

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