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01-18-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
Did McGrattan run over your dog or something??

its not like Mueller would have made the difference in this game...
Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
Every team in the league has a guy on their roster that gets very limited minutes in games that they play. Not sure why you think this is an issue. Very common practice.

Besides, Nashville uses a balanced scoring approach. Trotz likes to run 3 lines pretty evenly so he can limit his 4th. Whereas other teams run their top 2 lines heavily, so the 3rd and 4th lines end up getting extra playing time.
At first people said McCrappan was an upgrade over Stortini, which while it may be true, is setting the bar at the lowest possible level. Then people said the Preds needed an enforcer, although almost everybody on the planet realizes that the enforcer role doesn't exist anymore as people have known it historically. Some, including most notably Trotz, said McCrappan's overall game had improved so he was more than an enforcer now although his most notable contributions this year are checking the shadow of where a player was a split second earlier, some fun to watch staged fights and a five minute major of monumental stupidity were Cbus scored multiple goals. Then people said it doesn't matter because he is just a fourth liner with limited minutes and probably won't play many games (some estimated 15 games tops). Except for the fact that he's played 29 game now on pace for 50+ games so that's hardly a player who is going to have limited impact on the roster, no matter how many minutes he ends up playing. Then people said that it's better to have McCrappan then some higher skill player acting as permascratch who might lose development time sitting in the press box....again, he's on pace to play 50+ games that is hardly a permascratch situation. Now I'm hearing that Mueller (or whoever is on the roster at one particular point during the season) wouldn't have helped because, you know, they're just fourth liners...Mr. Halischuk and Mr. Smith say hello by the way. It's funny, for fourth liners last night, Hali and Smith played 16 and 17 shifts, but the other fourth liner played 4 shifts? My bad, the Preds don't utilize a fourth line and don't need their contributions. I didn't know the other 11 Pred forwards were so good that they don't need a 12th forward on a nightly basis.

Sorry if I feel that there must be somebody among the billions of people on this earth who could play better on the fourth line of the Nashville Predators and contribute more on a nightly basis, not to mention the back half of a B2B than the 4 freaking shifts of nothingness that McCrappan provided. Sorry if I disagree with a GM who can't find such a better player and with the coach who thinks it's a better idea to play McCrappan and essentially play short handed (again) than trying a real hockey player who can actually skate, pass, shoot, play defense or perform any of the other basic hockey skills.

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