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01-18-2012, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by fuji9991 View Post
I know the technical broadcasts situation has been discussed but I have to rehash, the quality of the image feed is one of the worst NHL broadcasts I have seen. It looks like they took a standard definition feed recorded it to VHS, transferred it to another VHS then broadcasted it. With today's equipment that is really the best they can do? 1982 called and wants their camera's back. LOL oh well maybe its may cable company
I have WOW & basic cable... I got cable a few years ago for the sole purpose of watching Blue Jackets games, nothing more. Every other channel is fine, but FSN game broadcasts look terrible. The top of the glass, lines on the ice & player's sticks ends up looking like 8-bit Atari graphics?!?

I called Wow and they were pretty clueless as to what I was even talking about. I wrote to FSN & I'm not holding my breath for a response. I really don't remember previous year's broadcasts looking as terrible as they do this year.

It really sucks... I'm not about to upgrade to an HD tv & HD service either.

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