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Originally Posted by ILikeItILoveIt View Post
We gave you everything we had. We're willing to commit. We've done all the right things. If you can't commit, there's no other reason than you don't want to be together anymore. No because of the money. No, it's deeper than that. You're telling us you've "outgrown us". Being a Pred was fine on the way up, but now that you're a recognized BMOC, staying a Pred would be Slummin'. It would hold you back. You feel like you've graduated to the Cool Kids table at school. You're "in" and we're ....... not.
Sweet analogy. This is exactly what my worries were regarding Weber. I didn't think I would see them come to fruition with Suter but I guess that's why I'm not a psychic. I really do agree with the "reputation" that we just aren't a 'cool' or 'in' franchise around the league and it's too bad. Let's be real. I don't think many players around the league see the good ole Nashville Predators winning a Cup despite our success on a top-8 level over the years.

I think we are seen as an overachieving franchise every season with no real shot of the ultimate prize. We're a nice story every year, doing 'more with less', stuck in a small market that gets no attention led by an unsung coach that gets little or no credit for the aforementioned chronic 'overachieving'. If we make the playoffs in a given year, people dismiss it as another great coaching job by Trotz, and if we miss it, they would likely say 'see, I guess their lack of overall talent was too much to overcome'. (At least I assume that's what they would say. We're too busy making the playoffs nearly every year to hear it.)

We make the playoffs but people anticipate our failure because we just aren't a sexy and intriguing team. To a large extent, those feelings are justified, but it leads me back to my original point. Or, ILIILI's original point. From the eyes of an elite player, much less one hitting their prime, are you willing to take a leap of faith with a franchise where your exposure will be at a minimum and "your" franchise will seemingly never be seen as an elite one?

It would be oh-so-much easier to just leave and take that leap with an established franchise with at least a little history of making deep playoff runs. An organization that has 'been there before'. I can't completely say I blame a player for feeling that way but on the other hand it leads me to believe that wanting to leave our situation is the result of either lack of confidence in our organization or lack of confidence in their ability to lead us to the promised land. Whatever the case, Suter is in fact playing the role of the kid who has started to hang out with the popular crowd and who knows if he'll stay true to his roots or jump the fence for the supposedly greener side.

No one wants to be that suddenly cool kid that hangs out with his nerdy middle school friends, just like Suter likely doesn't wanna be the elite talent that voluntarily stays with the feel-good team. Sure he "loves it" in Nashville but why wouldn't he? That's an empty compliment that quite honestly doesn't mean much to me. Bottom line is if he leaves, or again doesn't seem to put every effort forward to stay, it IS personal. We feel like we helped shape your into the person/player you are today, but you ditch us because we don't have a cool enough reputation to keep you intrigued during your "exciting" new chapter in your life. If you aren't 100% certain of your commitment here (which I have a strong feeling he's not) then just leave because we don't need anyone less than fully committed. Go enjoy your new life elsewhere.

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