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01-18-2012, 12:09 PM
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When you get to high level women's hockey (DI college, international) there is a lot of contact. It is officially non-checkingt, but almost all contact is allowed except open ice checks and the throwing of a shoulder. It is a lot rougher than you probably think. If you are used to watching men's hockey one of the things that you have to adjust seeing is a race to the boards not resulting in someone being slammed into the dashers. It will be a controlled pin but on at an angle, which is legal. Incidental contact will occur and is rarely called unless it is deliberate interference. Most women are against checking. By not allowing hitting it opens the game up more. It also allows the smaller players to have a little more freedom. There is a more hooking/slashing in the women's college game than in the men, and that might be attributed to not being able to hit a player. Who knows?

I don't think there should be hitting in low levels of women's hockey, it would scare too many parents away if it was allowed. The game is fine the way it is and I would be that a lot of other women who play would agree with me.

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