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01-18-2012, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by wadesworld View Post
This is my big question. If you're Suter and you feel this way, why would you drag it out?

Why not just say, "David, the Preds don't have what it takes to keep me here. However, I appreciate what this organization has done for me, so I want you to get something in return. Put the word on the street that I'm available and try to maximize what you get."

What's the value in stringing it out? The plausible scenario there is what we've all imagined - Suter has said "show me your commitment by bringing in a top forward."

I'm not sure which scenario is real. The frustrating part is that both Suter and Weber have to know that Nashville will suffer more the longer they drag it out.
You could have a point, and I'm not trying to portray Suter as some kind of backstabber, but my answer to that I guess would be that he may be like 90% or so committed but isn't all the way there. Wants to have it both ways and wants to drag things out as long as possible with the hope that the relationship can be salvaged although he may not be too confident of it. That way it at least comes across that he was trying to make it work out somehow.

Same with Kovy perhaps?

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