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01-18-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
How long are people around here going to perpetuate these inaccurate myths?

They were role players whose numbers had been inflated by a combination of the officiating following the lockout and the systems and/or players that surrounded them. Drury was a third line center who put up a lot of points on a highly talented power play unit. Gomez was an inconsistent, low efficiency, low hockey IQ, mediocre second line center who had found chemistry with 1-2 wingers in his entire career. This team was not "one of the better teams in the league." They defeated an Atlanta Thrashers team that didn't even deserve to be in the playoffs. They were better the year before, when they were dragged into the second round of the playoffs by 2-3 players, and they weren't one of the better teams in the league then, either.

Only someone with zero ability to evaluate talent or analyze the strategy of this sport could believe that Scott Gomez was ever worth anything resembling super star money (or for that matter, Drury, who was at least a useful player simply mishandled by this team in every regard). There's no other explanation for a Redden signing, either. There were no questions about the fact that Redden was simply too slow and not motivated enough to be a major contributor at the NHL level. All three were epic blunders. Sather didn't just sign all three, he committed huge money and term to all three. Some plan.

Everything that this team needed to go through, the entire rebuilding process that took years and years and was necessary because of the damage that clueless Sather had inflicted on this club, along with his original crony support staff, was STILL put in jeopardy by the Gomez, Drury, and Redden signings, among the worst, most illogical free agent signings in any of the major team sports ever. I'm sure Sather planned on buying out Drury's contract, burying Redden in the minors before half of his deal had even been completed.
What myth did I perpetuate?

1. Were Drury and Gomez regarded as the two best centers in free agency - YES

2. Did we desperately need help at center - YES

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