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01-18-2012, 02:52 PM
The Washer
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GM --> Me

1. Lose out for 2nd pick. (Grigs or Yaks)
2. Trade Miller or Myers, with or without 1st's (basically whatever it takes) to Columbus for the #1 pick (Grigs or Yaks)
3. Trade for the rights to Radulov aka Jagr-lite (Roy, Stafford, Ennis, Boyes....whatever it takes)
4. Grigs and Yaks play IMMEDIATELY. Second line with Radulov. Radulov can mentor and all can communicate on this line. And they stay together on the same line, at minimum, 1 WHOLE season. Cannot stand when coaches do not give their lines time to gel. Ruff is the worst at this!!!!!!
5. Foligno-Adams-Kassian becomes the 3rd line (And STAYS together for a whole season minimum)
4. GTF outta town "Old" core
5. Vanek, Leino, Pominville now become assets to recoup lost 1st's or replace franchise d-men/goaltending. (May still need one more C or D after the dust settles)

Not a Wisher or a Dreamer....this is completely reality based and doable (see the SEDINS)! And please, no one wants to hear "Miller makes the save" 5 years from now....and I really dont give a fizz-uck if Myers becames the next Lindstrom...defense is boring and I dont pay to watch a great defense (and besides his size....I havent seen anything THAT great anyways)....but I will beg borrow and steal to see the next generations Malkin-Kovalchuk-Jagrlite....light it up for the next I am dying to see the line combination of Foligno-Adams-Kassian....Foligno and Kassian killed it at the World Juniors playing on the same line.

Your "New-clear" core:

1st: Vanek - Leino - Pominville
2nd: Radulov - Grigorenko - yakupov
3rd: Foligno - Adams - Kassian
4th: Gerbe - Ennis - Armia (or whomever is left Boyes, Kaleta...etc)

Def w/out Myers

Erhoff - Sekera
Regher - Mcnabb
TJ Brennan - xxxxxx (whomever is

Def with Myers (Millers gone)

Erhoff - Regher
Myers - Mcnabb
Sekera - TJ Brennan


1. Old core gone (I can now watch a Sabres game. I refuse to allow my ears to hear the following words ever again....Roy....Stafford....Pominville....Miller.. ...Gaustad. I would of included Boyes but you never hear his name anyways lol)
2. Small ball is gone. 3rd line will become Buffalo's version of the "Legion of Doom"
3. Lost a franchise goalie or defenseman......gained....a FRANCHISE!!!

Release the hounds!!!

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