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01-18-2012, 03:11 PM
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While we weren't dominant over the casucks, we were very good at limiting the amount of time their skilled players had to do anything with the puck and more importantly we limited the amount of rebounds for them to capitalize on.

There were several reasons why we were and have been so successful under DS but the biggest reason from what I am seeing is that we are no longer playing "safe" hockey and are now playing "system first press second" hockey. When I was being coached by the Killer he always said that the system that you play is your fallback for when things get close. Start a game with the system and then once you have a feel for your opponent you open things up a little bit more as time goes on.

That is where you find a balanced approach to your game and in my opinion it is how a team wins a championship too. You play the system that coaches have drilled into you as the foundation of your game and then you look for opportunities to be creative. An extra well placed and executed check here an there. Carrying the puck into the zone once you find out where your opponent is weakest on the rush once in awhile.

The thing is knowing that you can always return to the system (which in our case is shutdown D style which is exactly what Killer taught us.) on the fly and still be capable of being dangerous when needed.

This is where Terry Murray had failed. Under his direction we were only capable of playing one way. Now at 15 games we can see what a coach who truly believes in playing a balanced game with a leaning towards staying within your defencive responsibilities is capable of.

Anything can happen and I can't imagine our keeping this sort of a pace up forever but our team, while still needing a little time and work to get things perfect (and a speed sniper LW would make things easier) we look like a contender once again.



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