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12-29-2005, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by psycho_dad
Yeah Tukonen played very well, he might have scored two goals, not sure if he deflected that last goal in. He had a strong game and was one of the best forwards out there. Unfortunately Finland got completely robbed by the ref in this one, other than that it was a nice game. Tukonen surprised me, much better than he was last year in Finland (well of course that was expected but...he was better than for example Kessel)
The reffing was atrocious! He happened to be a Swede, and we all know about the Swedes and Finns rivalry. The fans in Canada were cheering for Finland the whole way through.......but I see that as a good thing. I can't wait for the US to play the Canadians!
Game was overshadowed by horrible reffing, and Finland could never really get into the flow of things. Tukonen had a good game, but hardly had any shifts in the first two periods (due to penalties). Lots of really good talent on both ends. Both Johnson's looked very good for the US on D. Kessel, Oshie, and Wheeler stood out the most in my eyes for the US offense. Ryan wasn't all that spectacular.
Tukonen will be the next coming of Holmstrom, and will get better with age. May have better hands also. He went at it with both Johnson's quite a bit. Good nastiness in this game too. Tukonen should have been awarded that second goal as it changed direction (he tipped it in my eyes).....Game was 6 - 3 at one point so he never scored a tying goal.

On a side note. Pierre McGuire is a total homer and dip ****! He's like the Dick Vitale of hockey, only worse!

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