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Originally Posted by 1857 Howitzer View Post
And Boom goes the Dynamite

That goes without saying anymore.

Originally Posted by fuji9991 View Post
I wont disagree with you in general becuase 'get with the times' is a valid stance, but in some respects I think SD is still a valid way to watch TV. Most cable companies still split digital channels between HD and SD. And every other broacast on this TV and service shows up fine except for the blue jackets. Its not even the whole channel that's messed it is just the Jackets broacasts. So yeah if I am complaining about everything plus the 6 o'clock news then shame on me. Could still be something at my cable provider though. It just sux cause I want to see the game without it looking like watching through a shower curtain man! I'll have to ask my coworkers if they've noticed anything.

We are saving up for an HD TV but in truth I think SD is still dying and not dead for those that don't want to shell out a couple hundred on a new screen.
What's going to happen eventually is all true SD feeds will be non-existent, for all intent purposes. Look at what FOX Sports (the big-boy network, not the RSN) does now, among others: The SD feed they pump out is nothing more than the HD feed squeezed into the SD feed to have that letterbox feel. This also means they no longer film the event to fit into the 4:3 window; they film it for 16:9.

When the major overhaul innovation for TV was going from B&W to color, that was easy. The color TVs were backwards compatible, and the B&W TVs could still pull in colored programming but it was just shown in B&W. The difference here is with the digital age, you can't easily take older TVs and make them work without a special box. But you can't alienate the old TVs either, unless you rig HD boxes to squeeze their feeds into a SD screen.

We'll see how it goes.

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