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01-18-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by pjb5064 View Post
Actually I do get it. It was a soft goal.. much like any goaltender could let in on a nightly basis. Bryz hasnt been good and this wasn't a dominating performance. My point to my post was that we all agree Bryz hasnt been great. Talking about how he had a bad game when he is starting to get better is pointless and annoying. Like I said, the only reason to continue talk like that is if you honestly believe he will never play better. Otherwise relax a bit.

What don't I get? Don't throw statements around like that.
Easy tiger.

I don't think anyone realistically expects Bryzgalov to be a lights out goaltender. At this point, most are only hoping he can be marginally better than Michael Leighton. And I don't care if that goal last night was soft or not. To me, that has little relevance. The fact of the matter is, aside from three starts this entire season, Bryzgalov has only managed to allow less than three goals under the circumstance that the team in front of him completely shuts down the opposition's offense and takes away all shooting lanes. Through twelve minutes in the third last night, Minnesota had two shots on net in the period.

The point is, this team doesn't have the confidence to allow Bryzgalov to make saves. And if he can't make saves, he can't gain the confidence he needs to be an effective goalie. It's a catch-22.

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