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11-07-2003, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tinordi24
Well we in Washington know that Crazy Ron loved Sergei and probably would welcome him with the Sharks.

The Caps would prefer to reduce payroll but we all here know McPhee is asking a kings ransom for the "Goocher"

When reality settles in I would think the Sharks (provided they are in contention later in the year) and Caps would be good trading partners.

My take would work around like this:

Mclaren OR Stuart, plus 1st and 3rd



First, if I was San Jose Gm there is almost no way I would let Brad Stuart go. He is the complete package and still full of potential. Moreover, if find it really funny that you consider Mclaren and Stuart interchangable and having the same value. Did mention that San Jose first will likely be a very high one?

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