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Originally Posted by took420s
You are comparing Corvo to OJ? You are kidding me right?
A common technique in argument is to prove your point with an extreme or otherwise well-known example. There's always at least one person who jumps into an argument and overreacts because he doesn't understand.
This is one of the craziest posts I have ever seen, you really need to get off this guy. Critique his play if you want but leave his personal life out of it.
Criminal record = personal life? Take your argument to the authorities, for whom crimes are of public record. Tell them to clear Corvo of any wrongdoing because it's his "personal life" and they have no business interfering .
Originally Posted by took420s
I don't know either which is why I won't judge him on this. Check my posts, I am not a Corvo apologist but I can't stand people who judge other's without really knowing the whole story.
You implied above that OJ is a far worse person than Corvo, yet OJ was found innocent (making him the better person in the eyes of the law) and no one but him really knows the whole story. Apparently, you're one of the very people "who judge others without really knowing the whole story" that you say you "can't stand."

My point about OJ, RB and MJ (that you completely misunderstood) is that just about everyone (yes, you, me and just about everyone here) judges others based not only on what they were found guilty of (like Corvo) but also what they were found innocent of (like OJ, RB and MJ). I think it's more the people who claim they don't make judgments that are being the most "high and mighty."

Look, Corvo's crime is of public record and we have a right to discuss it. Some of us are also less forgiving than others. If you disagree with that, that's fine, but let's not be judgmental about each other. I hope we can agree that we all judge people (like OJ and MJ) without sufficient knowledge and that few (if any) of us are any better than the other in this respect.

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