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12-29-2005, 07:20 PM
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You implied above that OJ is a far worse person than Corvo, yet OJ was found innocent (making him the better person in the eyes of the law) and no one but him really knows the whole story. Apparently, you're one of the very people "who judge others without really knowing the whole story" that you say you "can't stand." My point about OJ, RB and MJ (that you completely misunderstood) is that just about everyone (yes, you, me and just about everyone here) judges others based not only on what they were found guilty of (like Corvo) but also what they were found innocent of (like OJ, RB and MJ). I think it's more the people who claim they don't make judgments that are being the most "high and mighty."
I was fine with your rebuttal until you had to go and edit it.

If I misunderstood your Corvo/OJ post then I apologize that your lame argument caused me to become confused. I gave you an opportunity to tell me that it was a joke and since you did not say that it wasn't then I must have read it correctly.

You have layed out your argument so of course I can judge whether I agree with it or not. That does not make me a hypocrit because I am judging your post based on what you are telling me. You are judging the man's personality and other's are calling him a cancer when you don't even know him. I do know that you constantly bash the guy for his play which is usually warranted, but bringing in this stuff is just too much. You do not know Corvo, the girl, or any details about what led up to the assault. If you do then I apologize, but you have not shown any intimate knowledge of these two people in this thread so I will assume that you know as much as the rest of us.

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