Thread: PGT: habs lose 3-0
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01-18-2012, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Lucbourdon View Post
Hey guys,

This is the one thing I can't figure out from a outsider watching this team. (and you know how much the canucks like you guys).

Why don't you guys use bourque on the PP. Honestly, it can't be any worse with him on it, and its a good chance to build some chemistry and if he scores a huge bonus in his attitude and play.

Also I hate to say this, but man kaberle is clueless out there, like honestly clueless.

I remember a chance on the PP where subban deaked i think it was, and kaberle stood in ONE spot at the point, instead of move in, which would have been an easy tap in.

I am honestly shocked you guys are doing this ban, On paper you guys should be a top 6 team in the east.
Three choices. Either the coach is an idiot, players gave up on coach, or they want to purposely tank. There is absolutely no way this team will make the playoffs. They didn't even try until the end.

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