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11-07-2003, 07:04 PM
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I was there

I was there, and it was a very exciting game...
I was also surprised that they broke the Balej and Plekanec line up, but I do know one thing for sure. Jarvis is big on Perezhogin's wrist shot, and wants him to be the teams finisher. I think Plekanec and Perezhogin will be a great dual for the future. Pleks will make the fancy play, and get him the puck, something Svitov never did too well, as he was a finisher too.

The lines were this:
Olvestad Higgins Suomervuori
Dagenais Gratton Balej
Dwyer Plekanec Perezhogin
Blouin Higs/Grat Ferland
Beauchemin Komisarek
Dykhuis Traverse
Plante Cote

Higgins: He had the puck a lot, and skated with it very well. He has good control on the play, especially tonight, he seemed in control of things. His line has a struggling Suomervuori, and the speedy Olvestad. He plays well with them, and if either ES or JO get going that will help him a lot. He was on for Ferland's goal too. He is on PK and PP. Had a very good game.

Dagenais: Big soft guy, who is pretty much a finisher. He plays well on Gratton and Balej's wing....Look at the results.

Gratton: He is a very good is good at the AHL level. I think he and Balej will combine for many goals. They make things happen together.

Balej:WOW! Compared to last year, this guy is WAYNE GRETZKY!!! He is improving EVERY game. This swith of lines will help him. Gratton is a good digging type of guy. Balej likes to carry the puck up the wing and shoot. He is very fast, and I seriously would consider him to be a future star.

Dwyer: He is doing his job, and playing his role well. Getting in your face. This new line above is really nice.

Plekanec: He is a great playmaker, and plays a good defensive game. All the while he can skate very well, and has a great hockey sense. He is going to be better than Ribeiro.

Perezhogin: He was a little bit lazy tonight, but still did well. Great shot, and possesses a fair amount of speed. He didn't seem as into it, as other nights, perhaps the loss of his fellow friend Svitov hurt him, as now I don't think there is anyone who he can speak Russian with. That is at least my speculation.

Komisarek: Great in 2nd period! He has a fairly good slap shot in him, just needs to get some accuracy. Wrist shot is good. He didn't nail anyone, which was dissapointing.

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