Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-19-2012, 05:20 AM
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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
1. Yes, he's better than John Mitchell, and Kris Newbury, and Erik Christensen, and Mike Rupp. As if I care that Mike Rupp has scored a few goals. People like you couldn't give two craps if Avery score goals, so what's the different? Rupp doesn't have a third of the talent that Avery does and their careers prove that. People ***** about Avery's cap hit and act like paying Rupp what we do is a wise investment. It's hilarious. And I like Rupp. I like everyone on this team. But it doesn't change the facts.

2. Constant exaggeration about a him is not justified. Constantly stating things that aren't true isn't justified. Avery has had attitude issues his whole career. Great. This is professional sports. He's not the only one. And most of his stuff isn't a big deal, it's just the PC police like you are oh so offended by it. Oh goodness! He called his ex-girlfriend sloppy seconds! Oh my! His mother was in the locker room! Oh Lord! He wore jeans and sneakers!

Do you not understand how the actual offenses are no where near what it ever gets turned into?

How does Torts have no blame at all? We're talking about the same guy right? The guy who said he doesn't deserve to be in the league before he became the coach? The guy who benched him in the playoffs for discipline and then got himself suspended (which was even more ironic because Avery was our best player when the games mattered most in that series)?

You can't seriously think that I'm outrageous for defending him all the time when he wears jeans and sneakers and it gets turned into him spitting on his coach. Who's is bigger a-hole? Me? Or the people who actually think that's okay? So many of you guys wait for stuff like this so you can turn it into something it's not. And because you don't like Avery the offense is 10x as bad as if it were any other player. It's a joke.
Absolutely right! Mike Rupp is a scrub of a hockey player lucky to have a job in the NHL. Oh sure, he had a few good playoff games, but that doesn't make a whole career. Look at Sean's accomplishments, they are far more impressive!

It's the damn liberal media that hate Sean inciting people against him. Stupid PC idiots. How could someone be so thin-skinned as to get upset over him saying silly things like "sloppy seconds" and "monkey?" This is hockey, not some pansy sport! Even Ken Holland was influenced by the damn media & Torts' comments about Sean lacking respect for the game. They have no shame, disparaging the good name of such an excellent hockey player.

What the hell is wrong with wearing jeans & sneakers anyway? Or bringing friends or family into the locker room? Every single person reading this has broken some rule or policy in their lifetimes. Don't act like Sean is the only one. The only reason it was a big deal is because his name is Sean Avery. Otherwise the media would never even report it.

Get him back on the team. The top two lines need a left winger like him, and he's better than anyone playing there right now.

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