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Originally Posted by LightningStrikes View Post
Who will be our scapegoat then?
Kurvers got out in time and Verbeek has immunity.

BriesBois also became the goat as it's the amount of French-Canadians and former Canadiens in the system that seem odd for SFY to have really been responsible for.

I mean, Boucher had exactly one year in the AHL. His network wasn't exactly expansive, and I doubt SFY would have brought in Mike Vernace. No, it would have had to have been the former GM of that team, BriesBois.

If BriesBois left for MTL, then TB would probably hire a new guy, and depending on who that was, he'd probably be the scapegoat.

Actually Kurvers may have made himself a target as it seems suspicious that he got out early. He won the cup with the Habs in 1986, but was also a Maple Leaf, and Islander, so he has a pretty solid resume. He might even be over qualified to be quite honest.

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