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01-19-2012, 08:53 AM
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Ted Black changing his tune?!/JeremyWGR

Ted Black: "Maybe there's an opportunity to peel off pieces for future gains..." things that the hockey dept is looking at.

My read on the Ted Black interview - Change is coming. He won't/can't say when. No commitment to any core. Change is coming.

hsimon62 howard
he said "we take it personal" and apologized to the fans. was painful to hear what NBC guys said about team last night.

jeremynickerson Jeremy Nickerson
@JeremyWGR When Ted made it clear they're not committed to the "core," it was music to my ears. #Sabres fan, searching 4 hope

Ted Black's tone this week was more... {we have to stop kidding ourselves} than last week's {patience we are still in this}. Just my read.
Hopefully someone can link to the interview. is blocked for me at work....

I can't wait to hear this for myself when I get home. Perhaps Pegula and Black are finally seeing that the Core needs to be changed.

Now let's see what Regier does.

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