Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-19-2012, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Wamsutta View Post
Once Avery gets waived it should become against the rules to post about him on the Rangers boards
You know what's strange...the people like you who complain about these threads aren't forced to post in them or read them. Shocking, I know.

Originally Posted by chosen View Post
You remind me of a jilted lover explaining that he is much better than the other guy.

The thing you always avoid is that multiple people who employ Avery don't want him.

In the business world, if someone is talented but keeps pissing off the boss, he gets tossed. Most people understand this.

Apparently, this escapes you.
And what you fail to understand again, and again, and again, is that using incidents from prior places to come to a fictional conclusion about his tenure his, isn't relevant.

You've yet to give anything factual that proves what a cancer in this locker room he is, what a disturbance he is, or prove that players like John Mitchell, Erik Christensen, and Mike Rupp are better than him.

But continue on with your two sentence responses that don't ever actually say anything.

Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Based on Avery's contributions on the ice, he doesn't deserve a spot on this team. He had two games where he showed up and the rest he was invisible. As usual, the myth of Sean Avery is bigger than the reality.
He had 3 goals in 15 games while getting Donald Brashear/Colton Orr type ice time. Rupp has 4 goals in 21 games. And he's lauded on here.

Originally Posted by Draft Guru View Post
Just finished reading Theo Fleury's book, which included this on Avery:

I think it's fairly obvious there were some issues in the dressing room this year with Avery (MDZ-Avery incident in Carolina, Buffalo locker room incident, etc) that Torts had enough and wanted him as far away from this team as possible. When you're winning and have a great locker room, you don't need someone who's not playing in Avery to act up and get out of line. It's a distraction.
Seriously? That's your argument? Why don't you go out and get quotes from Darcy Tucker and Georges Laraque while you're at it. Maybe we could use them as credible witnesses against Sean Avery.

That might be the dumbest thing I've ever read. Avery mocking someone on the ice? Shocking. Maybe if Theo had a problem with him pretending to blow a line of coke....he shouldn't be blowing lines of coke all the time.

Ever think of that one?

In yet another example of how things work when you're Sean Avery, absolutely nothing happens between him and MDZ and it gets blown up into something.

You guys are unreal.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Thats rich. Neither career can be considered "impressive" really.

Mike Rupp is a great teammate who sticks up for and protects his mates. Avery is a jerk, whose antics are more likely to get his teammates hurt.

That alone makes Rupp more valuable.
Pretty sure for all the people responding to Khelvan, that he's being sarcastic.

While I admire someone who has the ability to be sarcastic for that long of a post, it would be nice if he could do it while actually proving a point.

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