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Originally Posted by Thrillingbroom View Post
I suggest reading the NHL rulebook on the definition of boarding before you keep making statements about the legality of hits based on where the player is hit.
So the NHL picks favourites and decides to penalize some teams but not others? right.

I would want nothing to do with the NHL if they did this and i'm surprised you even watch the NHL if you think it is that way. To think the NHL actually plays favourites with teams. This isn't WWE.

I always thought it was funny to make jokes about how bettman treats certain teams or players...but do you actually think bettman is saying to the refs "give pittsburgh more powerplays" cuz it they did, and the NHL had a bias, then i would never watch again as this would turn into wrastling. Because remember, both refs, and the NHL said the alfie hit on tucker was a clean hit.

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