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Originally Posted by DenverHabsFan View Post
I don't disagree but if it's so easy to fill the need at C, how come we haven't had a legit #1 C for 15 years? Plus, I agree with you only when it comes to D. Here's why:

I'm going to get killed on this board for saying this but drafting Price at #5 that year was a monumental mistake. It was a good draft year and we had two good goalies at the time. That pick made no sense. We could have filled other needs.

Since then, the organization (and a good portion of the fanbase) has tried to justify that pick by getting out of the way any sort of internal competition at that position. Instead of having a solid duo, now we are in a situation where we can't conceive an injury to our #1 goalie.

In recent years, goalies have become commodities. Instead of waiting the 8-9 years to develop them, there are some very good ones available every year at a low price. If you forget about Tim Thomas for a second, recent cup winners did not get a Roy-type performance to win it all.

The low return for goalies proves my point. Good Ds and forwards get a huge return while a goalie usually gets a 2nd at most. Only exception was the Avs-Caps deal and that was a huge mistake by the Avs.

Price will always have to try to live up to the hype because of his draft position and he will never shake the comparisons to Halak until he either wins it all or starts performing in must-win situations, neither of which he has done. That's a huge burden on him.
One of the unwritten rules in sports: You draft the best player available. You don't draft simply based on needs. You get the most talented player out there. It's not just in hockey, it's also in basketball, football etc.

I don't agree with the rest of your post..the only thing I agree with is that yes, you will get killed on this board

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