Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-19-2012, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
He didn't receive more than 10 minutes of ice time more than twice this season. Mitchell and Rupp more opportunities.

What exactly is Mike Rupp doing other than scoring? Trying to get in on the forecheck with his cement skates?

Mitchell finally scored in Montreal. Thank goodness. Before that he just kept getting solid minutes game after game after game and not contributing anything.

Another classic defense, "only a very biased fanboy..." and then you proceed to give us absolutely nothing but conjecture.

You guys make this so boring. At least last year some of you made it interesting.
John Mitchell ATOI 11:21 4G 6A in 26 games. Hrm. Let's pro-rate that for the season: 12.61 G (round it up to 13) and 18.92 A (round that up to 19) and you've got 12 G and 19 A in 82 games. Avery, last year, had 3 goals and 21 assist in 76 games which would translate to 3 G and 22 A in 82 games. 25 points (6 less than Mitchell) and 9 goals less than Mitchell. He'd have roughly 16 goals and 0 assists if you pro-rated this season, which is 15 points less than Mitchell. If you want to play the ice time card, add back in 1:30 for all the time he spent sitting in the box this year (21M) or last year (174M in 76 games = 2.29M/game).

In any event, there isn't much of a difference between what either of these guys brings to this team except that Mitchell doesn't come with all of the extra BS that Sean does and produces points at a better pace.

And, if you think Rupp doesn't bring anything to the table other than the 4 goals, you're clearly not paying attention to all of the people that want NOTHING to do with facing him when he's looking for them. The guy can frighten people. And he's got one more ring than Avery does.

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