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01-19-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Do you actually believe this or are you just making excuses for Randy? Throwing a kid into the fire and acting shocked, SHOCKED when he flounders is good for him? If Martin had done this you'd have roasted him.

To a point (the Habs only started to dominate with the score 3-0, score effects would take effect, teams that are well ahead are supposed to get outshot especially if they played the night before), but that does not excuse Eller's benching any more than the 4-1 win over the Rangers did.
I don't think Randy acted shocked. It seems some around here are acting shocked that a 2nd year player is being benched, not Randy. Where was this expression of shock?

I've never once seen you reference score before when JM and the Canadiens were trailing. If you've got one post referencing a game JM coached where you posted this I'll be glad to look, but it's hard not to turn the game around after your behind, especially if your down 2 after 4 shots. No matter what, we were playing from behind and it had basically nothing to do with RC. So to discredit this effort because we were already losing is a bit of hogwash, we were losing by 2 thanks to no fault of our own. I can see you use statistics to back up your preconceived opinion plain as day now.

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