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01-19-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
We've already run the business into the ground by not rebuilding. Every year we're a bubble team and could miss the playoffs anyway. Heck, this season could be the start of a long slide anyway...

As for ownership... it's a box of chocolates dude. It all comes down to ego. The Canadiens are going to be profitable whether they make the playoffs or not. If the owner actually cares about icing a Stanley Cup winning team then yes, he'll be willing to rebuild. If short term profits are all that matters then he won't.

I'll wait and see what Molson does with his next moves before passing judgement on him. So far, what I've seen from PG does not impress me. If it's him pulling the strings then he can easily be fired. If it's Molson directing things then we're in trouble.

You are absolutely wrong and I've shown this to you many times. Now go back to your 'we're great and don't need any changes let's all sing Koombaya' thread.
What do you suggest Molson do going forward? Hire an imbecile and ice an AHL calibre team the next 3 years?

Running the team at the cap floor and having it suck for 2-3 years would be business suicide for him in Quebec, the outrage would be 50x the english coach crap.

There is no ONE formula for winning a cup or getting to contender status. For every Pittsburgh and Chicago that the franchise turned around after multiple lottery picks, you have the Blue Jackets, Islanders, Thrashers etc that had numerous lottery picks and the team stayed near the bottom, those teams are going on 10-12 years of futility...don't think it's something to aspire to.

I don't think ANYBODY is suggesting we don't need changes, but there are a lot of good pieces that can be part of a contender, some need to be retained, others need to be developped. Being bottom 5 for more than a year will have a negative impact on the young players.

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