Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-19-2012, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Really? Interesting. I'll do the same for your biased views on all that is Avery. Baggage implies his entire career, that's why it's baggage. I didn't narrow it down to his "tenure as a Ranger", I sum it up as his entire career which isn't even debatable.

Prust has as many majors as he does because Rupp wasn't around (knee surgery) and the guy just can't say no. If you can't see Rupp's impact on the team and on other teams, then you simply aren't paying attention. And, clearly, Sean is a middleweight and can't fill Rupp's shoes in the heavyweight category.

(Edit) I find it pretty interesting, btw, that you chose to completely ignore the fact(s) that Mitchell out produces Avery. Kinda sums up why people are tired of debating you and call you biased.
Exactly. Anyone with a brain that has followed his career should be able to understand that it worked for him when he was here. You have nothing when it comes to his tenure here. Why do I care about Dallas or Los Angeles or anywhere else? I don't. Cause it has nothing to do with him in New York. So thanks for proving my point, because you have absolutely nothing factual to prove anything. Just conjecture and assertions. Your entire argument is based on the fact that he had issues elsewhere.

I can see what Rupp brings to the table just fine. If you can't see how much better a hockey player Avery is than John Mitchell, it's not even worth discussing with you.

Originally Posted by Vito Andolini View Post
Your point is invalid though because Avery got plenty of ice time early last season. He lost it when Prust began to outplay him and bit into it. Not really looking to rehash this conversation, but let's look back on last year for a moment. Avery averaged a little over 11 mins of ice time. He put up 3 goals. Prust average over 13 a half mins of ice time. He put up 13 goals. You tell me which player look like the 3rd liner & which looks like the 4th liner. There's not as significant of a difference in ice time as you want to pretend. And this is ignoring the other things that Prust brings, while Avery continued his pattern of inconsistent play.

Your argument has changed because you were arguing that Avery should be a 3rd liner. Now your arguing that he should be a 4th liner (like Mitchell or Rupp) or a scratch (like Christensen). You are indirectly acknowledging that he's been outplayed by others.

His pay should matter to you. It's a huge part of why he's not here. You can discount Rupp all you want, but the fact is that he brings plenty more to the table in a 4th line role, which he is, than Avery would. His experience, size, leadership, and yes fighting ability, all play a role. A role that Avery does not bring.
Why don't you go back and tell me how many of Prust's goals came shorthanded. It's a bit of a different situation. Prust played great last season. I love Prust. How does he look offensively this year?

Wake me up when any of these guys we're talking about have consistent career numbers of double digit goals and 30 plus points.

Then maybe you guys will have a case.

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