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01-19-2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by ADoubleD View Post
Yeah watching that show makes me want him, Callahan, Hartnell, and Simmonds to be Sabres right now. Giroux too obviously, but he'd be alot harder to get then the others.

Seriously though I can't remember the whole situation, but in one of the first two episodes Simmonds either fought a guy or got in some altercation with him, and while in the box the two of them were yapping back and forth about going at it when their penalties were over. As soon as they both got out of the box they both dropped the gloves and started throwing punches. I just don't see a Sabres doing something like that. Hartnell is always getting his nose dirty, and is always involved in scrums and in the face of over teams. I hate playing against him, but would love him on the Sabres.

I'll take Rupp over Brad Boyes in the bottom six everyday of the week. In the last episode Kopecky sucker punched Del Zotto in front of the Rags net and Rupp didn't wait for Kopecky to agree to fight him, he just started throwing punches while Kopecky turtled. Sabres need more guys like that.
too bad lindy has it instilled in his team that physicality isn't useful unless you get the puck and that getting the PP is always better than taking momentum away from the other team... this team is softer than the pillsbury dough boy.

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