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Originally Posted by sparkle twin View Post
Arnott, Dumont, Kariya, Forsberg all WANTED to come here. They weren't traded and forced to come here, they wanted to play here so bad that they called US. Well Forsberg was traded here, but we were the top team on his list to be traded to. And when they came here, they were still top players in this league. I remember after the lockout Scott Hartnell being on ch.2's sports show and he was saying that other players around the league were telling him how good this team was going to be and he was excited. We know what happened after that, but we were being built into a winner and then were sent backwards 5 years. Now we're almost there again. We're in position to really build something great, and with Rinne, Suter, Weber on board for the next 5-7 years that will be VERY attractive to other players.
Forsberg was traded here. He may have 'approved' us or whatever but we were a really really good team (on the surface) at that time. We were as close to an elite team as we've ever been at that point.

Kariya came right after the lockout and Arnott and Dumont came after the bigtime success of 05-06 when we were the 4th seed so yes, we had a little momentum right then.

As for them all being "top players in the league", I wouldn't ever put Dumont in that category for any reason. He had 40 points the year before signing with us and his previous career high was 53. To his credit he was really good in the 05-06 playoffs before coming to us but still, not buying that he was a huge signing by league standards. Kariya was a good signing, I'll give you that, but he was having some recurring injury and concussion problems that were probably scaring some teams away especially with his sub-par season in Colorado before the lockout. The guy was amazing in his prime with Anaheim (nice rhyme) but he wasn't that guy anymore. Good signing nonetheless, but not the type that will build your team for the future.

Arnott was a pretty good signing because he still had some gas in the tank but, like Kariya, he was 32 when his first season with us started so it's possible he didn't have a ton of good offers on the table. I'm not saying we've never had people want to sign here but we've never had an explosive player, in his prime, that came to us wanting to relocate to this team. As for Rinne, Suter, and Weber being here and making us desirable around the league, we're going to have a really hard time paying those three guys, plus other good role players, plus one of the aforementioned big names that we're all talking about.

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