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01-19-2012, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
in·quire [in-kwahyuhr] verb, -quired, -quir·ing.
1. to seek information by questioning; ask: to inquire about a person.

^Since some of you don't seem to understand.


We have some assets that would be very enticing for NJ; I'm not saying I would expect to be able to get Henrique, but considering NJ's needs on the back end, and how much young D and goaltending we have, we should at least be inquiring.

Swing for the fences Dean.
pipe dream
A fantastic notion or vain hope.

[From the fantasies induced by smoking a pipe of opium.]


DL would be wasting 15 seconds of his life (if that) making that call because he knows NJ would slam down the phone immediately unless we are dealing them some assinine overpayment.

In otherwords, put down the peace pipe and return to reality from whatever vision you are on.

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