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Originally Posted by Play4Miracles View Post
Regarding Lindy Ruff's job security (yet again). I think that the fans and owners owe it to him to bring him back again next year but on a short leash. He's done SO MUCH for that organization and it would be a sin to abandon him after one very disapointing season that this time, may be his fault (or at least a percentage of it).

These are tough times, but your don't kick your kid out of the house because he/she got hooked on heroin do you? Stick with him...

As for Sweaty Teddy Black, this is his first time as a team president and I think he's learning that all the optimism, confidence, and money in the world wont change a thing. You need to make good (as in a lot better than Leino) decissions, and the on ice product is and will always be THE #1 means of acheiveing your goal. If it's a Cup winner you can have them dress in cardboard boxes, they wont mind. Priorities, I think he's got that now.
I have three questions for you:

1.) Why do the fans and owner owe Ruff anything? He's just a coach. Right now he isn't getting the job done and that's what matters.

2.) Why does every single post you make have to involve Leino? He hasn't performed, but he's a secondary player that will look terrible when the primary players aren't performing. You make it sound like he is the cause of all our problems, which is far from the truth.

3.) If Ruff is fired by the Sabres and hired by another team, will you follow them instead?

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