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01-19-2012, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
Let's not make this "clown "'out to be Scotty Bowman and start s ing his D just yet . To use his own logic , he's only as good as his last game . Outside the Stanley cup team Torts has had a pretty poor play off record as a coach . Several missed play offs , one cup one 2nd round appearance and the rest out in first round . The NYR season is just beginning , once again to use Torts logic and nothing is in the barn yet . The teams emergence is as much about the players is it is about "'TORTS "
.The NYR def pay more attention to detail more consistently on defense and this is leading to wins . Lundqvist play is probably the biggest factor and I'd like to think between him and the test if the plAyers most any big leaque coach would win . The reason i say this is most any big league coach would evaluat this group and realize a defensive system is the only way the team as built can compete in the cap era NHL . Any coach that tried to play a European puck possession style ala Red Wings or try and trade chances ala Washington would not keep his job in NY very ling because the team would be losing big .
Torts has done a good job don't get me wrong but unless the team gets at least to a conference final or Actually wins it all according to Torts logic nothing has been accomPlished and therefore is just "'BS " to use his own words
Outside of his greatest success in the playoffs he's had less success in the playoffs...

How about outside of those other playoffs he's been perfect in the playoffs? Just as arbitrary.

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