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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Perhaps the dumbest joke I've ever read............

Oh, wait, you were serious???
There are two types of kids who say they want to play in the NHL

#1 Those that say it and do not even come close to putting in the hours to make it happen
#2 Those that say it and spends hours upon hours a week doing everyting within their power to make it happen

The point he was making was that most kids who say they are working towards the NHL would be absolutely floored by the dedication and time spent by kids who are actually on the real path to it. The power is more in the individuals hands than most want to believe.

A lot of people love to make themselves feel good by acting like those that make it to the NHL had some genetic quality that is mutant like. It is easier to believe that than believe that they truly didn't want it as bad as the kid who made it.

I know a kid who shoots 500 shots a week and thinks he is doing some amazing work towards his goal. He didn't believe me when I told him that I know of two kids who are shooting over 4,000 shots a week during school year and 1,000 shots a day during the summer.

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