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Originally Posted by Harf View Post
I don't hate Regin, I just think his time with the Senators is done. I'm actually shocked that me saying he is all but done with this team has produced such a strong response from people. He doesn't do anything special for this team, and he's obviously easily replaced, as evidenced by the play of the Senators this year without him in the lineup.

If the majority of people see Silfverberg and Zibanejad having very good chances of cracking the lineup next year, with Da Costa waiting in the wings, and with Filatov having a relatively outside chance of getting in, I just don't see the need to keep an injury prone player like Regin around when the contract he is taking up can be used to sign someone else. Keep in mind that teams only have 50 contracts to hand out, so why use one on a player who, for all intents and purposes, isn't needed anymore because his spot has already been replaced?

He is a natural centre and he for sure isn't going to bump any of the top 3 centres (Spezza, Turris, Smith), and he's not suited to the 4th line checking role, so he doesn't fit there. He might be able to sneak in on the wing, but he will be in for a dog fight with Michalek, Greening, Condra, Foligno, Alfie (if he doesn't retire), Neil, Butler, Zibanejad, Silfverberg, and Filatov to land a spot in the top 9, not to mention other players who will warrant a decent look in camp like Hoffman and maybe Stone, Prince, Noesen, etc., even though those guys are probably all Bingo bound. I just don't think it makes sense to have a soft player like Regin play on the 4th line in a checking role, even if he has more offensive skill than Daugavins, Winchester and Konopka. They aren't really there to score. They are there to cycle the puck, check hard, be responsible defensively, win key faceoffs, maintain a high level of physical play and wear down the opposing d-men. Regin is not at all the guy you want playing that role.

And let's be honest here, he's not the type of player who can generate offense himself, so if he isn't on a top line, or even an offensive one, he's not going to do much. He's got skill, but not enough to make other players better. Kind of a dime-a-dozen player, really.

I'm of the opinion that the Sens should trade him for whatever they can get (and it won't be much), or just release him and bid him good riddance because the team is able to move on without him and they can use his contract space to either bring in a UFA or sign someone to develop in Bingo.

I agree with your assesment on Regin 100% Harf.

I don't see him playing another game in the NHL let alone the Sens. He is way overrated by many Sens fans becasue he scored a few goals in a losing playoff series 2+ years ago. The guy has done nothing since. We have too many gamers on this team and comming in to fit a non-gamer in the lineup.

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