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11-07-2003, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by bigd
You can't compare Canadian University Hockey with a top D1 College hockey program in the states. I'm not knocking Major Junior Hockey but for every kid in Major Junior that goes back to school there are 100 that don't. Look at Jessie Lang, I bet he wishes he was still at Harvard right now!

You have no idea behind the reasons for Lane leaving Harvard, so why bother with that point? Second, even if more kids from junior don't go back to school compared to College kids, so what? If a kid just doesn't want to go to school, then how can you count that against the CHL? They can't make a kid go. Also, kids come to the CHL more for the hockey anyways, despite the fact that the CHL has a very good education program. Fact is, you get twice as many games in the CHL as you do via NCAA and that is a huge consideration for players. I do interviews of players for the WHL and I typically ask them about whether they considered the NCAA route or not. There are many reasons for not going that way for them and, while you say "If a kid has any kid of smarts he will go the College route. If you are not a good student then Major Junior will probably be your best shot!", I think you will find there are plenty of "smart" kids in the CHL ranks. Just watch the Scholastic Player of the year nominees and see there average marks. It's not 'dumby school' up here either, so those grades are deserved. Personally, I think you need to do MUCH more research into the Major Junior program before commenting, as it is clear you are not as educated as you'd like to think. If you do truly have a child ready to enter the USNTDP, then I think you owe it to him to at least do some real research into the major junior program, instead of just dismissing it as a worthless idea.

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