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01-19-2012, 11:36 PM
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+ Flower. If he has any haters left, they need to shove it up their ass. He's been nothing short of amazing this year. All the haters who blasted him in the past have no room to talk. He's an elite goalie, plain and simple. Anyone overlooking the difference he made tonight either hates MAF, or doesn't pay attention to this game too well.

There isn't a trade offer you could make me right now to give Flower up. His importance to this team is so underrated.

+ Geno. Need I explain?

+ Letang. Oh boy, did he ever make up for some of the issues we've had. I missed Letang so much [/mancrush]

+ Team aggression. Two weeks ago, this team needed a speech from Therrien. Fast forwards two weeks, and you have a team that is looking like the 2009 Cup team. These last 4 wins have been an aggressive Penguins team. Tonight they showed no mercy by all means against a team they needed to show it against. That aggression was what won this game tonight. No one backed down, not even Martin

- Tangradi. The hell are you doing kid? That fight was good... for the Rangers Otherwise he was sloppy as hell. How do you show one game (Florida) that you deserve top 6 minutes, then show up tonight like you deserve to go back to WBS? The hell?

- Martin. Dear God, this dude could drive me to drink. I can't fault Shero for this one, because let's be honest, this had us all fooled; Martin is barely average. We got stuck with a bad contract. There's no excusing Martin anymore. Back to back games he's got an open chance in the slot and can't bury it. He was the reason for the long goal against tonight (Another pinch ) and would have been the fault for another if Ruslan Fedosucko didn't screw up. At least he showed he has a pair by standing up for MAF, until he stopped trying to defend him when Fleury easily convinced him to back down

- Bylsma (regarding Letang). I know we needed him back, but 25 minutes? He should have never played more than 16 tonight. Don't over exert him already. We don't have Despres available to play if he has headaches. I know it was a big game, but tomorrow we play a beaten and weaker Montreal. If Letang plays 25 again he will regret it. Play him no more than 17-18 and let him use that 25 or so for Sunday in Washington.

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